Electric man-riding wire rope hoists

Product overview


The electric man-riding wire rope traction hoist Rigid LTD-P Series is the nearest alternative available in the market place to the Tractel Tirak X1030P and DualLift UpPro P1010.
The new Rigid LTD-P Series endless hoist is versatile and suitable for unlimited applications.
The rope is not connected which makes it compact, lightweight and very easy to handle. The unrestricted wire rope lengths capability of the Rigid LTD-P Series makes it possible to utilise unlimited lifting heights and traction lengths.


The wire rope is not stored in the hoist but passes through it. This makes it possible to lift or pull the load as high as you want. The only limitation is the rope length.
The rope enters the hoist always in the same point and the rope speed as well as the pull remain constant.
In the event of a power failure, the electric-mechanical brake can be released manually in order to ensure safe and controlled lowering of the load. The integrated centrifugal-force break guarantees a controlled lowering speed.

UpPro P1010 CE9

A traverse hoist is a special type of lifting device which doesn´t store the rope in the drum.
A cable driven steel rope passes around a so-called traction sheave in order to achieve the required pull necessary to lift the payload. Friction between a V-shaped groove of the sheave and the rope pressed in the groove produces the traction.
The driving reserve is large enough to prevent the rope from slipping during load peaks that occur while the device starts pulling or breaking.
Because the rope doesn’t have to be stored, a principally unlimited lifting height is available.