Fall arresters

Product overview


OSL510 is an alternative to Tractel Blocstop BSO. The device is automatically tripped when the speed of the wire rope exceeds 30m/min (0.5m/s). The integrated clamping jaw mechanism made of hardened steel stops the lowering of the wire rope within a few centimetres.

Blocstop BSO1000

When lifting people, an additional safety device is required.
Blocstop BSO1000 is small, lightweight and compact. It is fastened to the work platform and the safety rope runs through it. If the running speed of the rope exceeds the set speed, BSO closes automatically and the load is safely stopped.

UpSafe 0SL

UpSafe OSL is a reliable patented damping system that reduces the shock factor up to 20%. It is automatically activated when the speed of fall exceeds 30m/min (0.5m/s). The integrated clamping jaw mechanism stops the downward platform´s movement within a few centimetres.