Electric rope hoists for the transport of material

Product overview


Portable rope hoists
TR30 is suitable for fast setup; it is light, handy, simple and safe. The bigger the load, the stronger the hold. Minifor powers the rope without storing it and thus we can pull or lift as high as we want. What´s important is the length of the rope which is available in all lengths. You, therefore, need to carry only as much rope as is necessary for your particular project.

UpLite Cargo 5

DualLift – a portable rope hoist
UpLite Cargo is a versatile tool, easy to transport due to its light weight (22 kg) and a compact design. Its principle of continual traction allows for unlimited lifting heights. The rope with a thimble and a hook up to 300 m.


Portable rope hoist TR50 is suitable for quick installation; is light and handy, simple and secure. The stronger the load, the stronger the rope hold. The minifor just drives the rope without winding it. Therefore, you can pull as far or lift as high as you want. The length of the rope is important. And it’s available in every length. So you only need to carry as many ropes as you need for the current use.